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Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Mutilate-a-Doll 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game, it has everything you would need to annihilate this poor character! Nice work.

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Jump Jump

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Twas a fun game.

New Zealand Scenic Jigsaw New Zealand Scenic Jigsaw

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cool puzzle game dude.

CustomDiggers CustomDiggers

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ya, definitely needs more stuff, you probably know that already. You still working on it?

Planet Escape Planet Escape

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool, I made it to level 9. Fun game!

The Rock Tooth Problems The Rock Tooth Problems

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

boring, none of the tools worked! :(

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Acid Trip! Redux Acid Trip! Redux

Rated 5 / 5 stars

haha yes!

This is such a cool idea. I'm definitely going to play this again once I upgrade my comp, even on low quality it lags like crazy for me. Other than that, Great stuff here :D

I3UnGEE responds:

Even when I was testing it, I had to play it on Medium difficulty, so no worries. Glad you enjoyed it.

Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This game is addicting o.o

This blows line rider away. The only thing I wish it had was an undo button, maybe on the mouse? that would be sweeeeeeet. Heres mine:

-18 1i 18 1i em 1i fc 1a ft t,fu u gi a gi 2q oc 2q om o2,gi 2q gs o2,1e8 8o 1oi 8o 1oi o2 26u o2 26u gi 2jo gi 2jo no,1oi o2 h6 o2,26u o2 2km o2,1e8 8o oc 2q,30s uk 30s 1o8,30s 1oi 1t8 1oi,30s 17c 308 1aq 2v0 1dk 2sq 1ge 2q0 1ik 2l0 1l4 2dq 1na 1ti 1oi 1qe 1oi 1qe 2jo 2a2 2jo,1e8 2p2 1f6 2sq 1go 308 1ji 34u,1ji 34k 1nk 390 1t8 3d2 22i 3fi 29e 3ho 2kc 3k8 30i 3lg 390 3lg 39u 3lg 3i2 3im 3i2 3lg,39u 3lg 3i2 3lg,3i2 3im 3k8 3he 3k8 3lg 3i2 3lg,3k8 3he 3mo 3he 3mo 3lg 3k8 3lg,3mo 3he 3pi 3ic 3pi 3lg 3mo 3lg,3pi 3ic 3qq 3jk 3qq 3lg 3pi 3lg,3qq 3jk 3ro 3lg 3qq 3lg,3ro 3lg 3ro 4ao 3ro 4tq 4po 4tq 4po 4rk,30s uk 30s -1s 3qg -1s,28q o2 28q l8 2ac l8 2ac o2,2bu l8 2ig l8 2ig n4 2bu n4 2bu l8,26u h6 2jo h6,1e8 8o 1ei o2,1d0 kk 1d0 mg,1d0 ka pa fu pa ka 1d0 mg,mg fk ie fk ie k0 mg k0,mg fk mg k0,gs oc -6i 130,m6 e2 ie e2 ie 9m m6 9m m6 e2,-18 1i -u 10g,-18 1i -18 -aa -10q -aa,1e8 2p2 1be 25c 156 25c 156 228 122 228 122 23q 10q 23q 10q 25c rq 25c,3f8 3jk 3f8 3lg,3co 3ki 3co 3lg,4po 3ic 4vc 3mo 568 3re 60q 470 76k 470 77i 470 77s 470 786 470 akk 47k,60q 470 60q 4d8,4po 3ic 4po 4ke 4po 4ru,614 3dm 7te 3dm 7te 41c 7sg 41c,5u0 45o 63a 470,60q 46c 672 470,60q 41c 786 41c 7sq 41c,30s 1oi 412 1fg,332 1h2 332 1kq 3ce 1i0,332 1h2 3bq 1du 3ce 1i0,332 1da 32o 198 39u 16o 3as 1ag,332 1d0 3as 1ag,als 3mo amh 3mv an3 3na ani 3np ao0 3oa ao8 3ou aoc 3pl aoa 3q9 ao6 3r0 ao0 3rm ann 3sg anf 3tc ana 3u9 an8 3v5 anc 3vu ano 40i aoe 40o ap6 40k aps 406 aqa 3vg aqi 3ur aqb 3u7 apo 3u7 apc 3um,als 3mo al7 3n2 akl 3ni akc 3o7 akf 3p0 akt 3pk alh 3q3 ama 3qa,amg 3qg an3 3q7 ang 3pn,al8 3ok al3 3p5 alm 3p5,al8 3ok alo 3om alr 3p5,as4 3mo arg 3mo ar0 3n6 aqp 3nr aqq 3oi ar3 3p8 arh 3pq as6 3q6 asv 3q6 atk 3pn au7 3on,arg 3mo as4 3mi asq 3mn ata 3n5 atn 3nm au1 3o7,au0 3ou au0 3of,arg 3oa ar7 3on arh 3p5 arr 3on ari 3oc,ahg 3sc ai6 3s8 air 3sh ajg 3t3 ak6 3tn akq 3u9 alb 3uq alu 3v9 amh 3vp an6 406 ans 40g aol 40m aph 40n aqd 40k ar9 40e as2 407 aso 400 atd 3vm au2 3va aun 3us av9 3ue avr 3u3 b0e 3u3,aio 3ta aj6 3tr ajp 3ub akd 3up al1 3vb ali 3vu am5 40g amr 40v anj 41b aof 41h ape 41j aqe 41i ara 41e as8 417 at2 40r ato 40d,ajc 3me ajn 3ls ak9 3ld al0 3l3 alr 3kt ami 3ks,apu 3l6 aqh 3ko ar9 3ki as2 3kg asp 3kj ath 3kr au4 3l5,al8 41m aln 426 am5 42p aml 43g an7 444 anu 44j aoq 44t apn 44v aqm 44q ari 44g asa 441 at0 43g atk 42t au7 42a auq 41l avf 412,ak0 3qq akm 3r2 ale 3r2,arg 3qq as8 3r4 asv 3r2 atm 3qs,60q 41c 4q2 37e 4q2 22i##T 4is 3al,T 48k 3a3,O 115 4e,O 10d 46,O vo 3p,O ok 1r,O 26f n3,O v7 3l,T 26 a,T 42 a,T 5u a,T 7q a,T 9m a,T bi a,T do a,T ku -26,T j2 -26,T hg -1s,B cg k e2,B 2sg 3jk e2,T 3q6 3dm,T 3ta 3co,T 40e 3c4,T 122 3e,T 14s 4c,T 180 5a,T 1be 68,T 1e8 6i,T 1ia 6i,T 1le 6i,T 1o8 6i,T 2bk em,T 2f2 em,T 2i6 em,T 2pm hq,T 2lu fk,T 2vk 122,T 2vk 156,T 2va 18a,T 2u2 1aq,T 2cs 1lo,T 2oo 1hm,T 2je 1js,T 2sg 1ei,T 2g0 1le,T 2m8 1iu,T 2qk 1g4,T 2to 1d0,T 1d0 286,T 1da 2am,T 1dk 2cs,T 1du 2fc,T 1ei 2i6,T 1es 2km,T 1f6 2nq,T 3nm 3eu,S 1p6 7q,S 2je fk,S gs -u,T fa -a,T 43s 3b6,T 4di 39u,S 8o0 5m6,T 6cm 462,T 6bo 462,T 6aq 462,T 69i 462,T 68k 462,T 67m 462,T 66o 462,T 65q 462,T 64s 462,T 63u 462,T 630 462,T 622 462,T 60q 462,B 5v8 45e et,T 6dk 462,T 6ei 462,T 6fg 462,T 6go 462,T 6i0 462,T 6ik 462,T 6ji 462,T 6j8 462,T 6js 462,T 6k6 462,T 6kg 462,T 6kq 462,T 6l4 462,T 6le 462,T 6lo 462,T 6lo 462,T 6m2 462,T 6mm 462,T 6mc 462,T 6n0 462,T 6na 462,O a3e 46c,B 9eq 462 e2,O 3s2 4ss,O 3sm 4ss,O 3u8 4ss,O 3v6 4ss,O 404 4ss,O 412 4ss,O 420 4ss,O 438 4ss,O 44g 4ss,O 45e 4ss,O 46c 4si,O 47a 4si,O 48s 4si,O 4ao 4si,O 4bc 4si,O 4ca 4si,O 4d8 4si,O 4eg 4si,O 4f4 4si,O 4gc 4s8,O 4hk 4s8,O 4ii 4s8,O 4jg 4s8,O 4ke 4si,O 4lm 4si,O 4ma 4si,O 4n8 4si,O 4ns 4si,O 4og 4ss,O 4oq 4ss,O 1pg n4,O 1qe n4,O 1rc n4,O 1sa n4,O 1ti mq,O 1u6 mq,O 1v4 n4,O 20m n4,O 21u n4,O 236 n4,O 244 n4,O 25m n4,O h6 1s,O hq 1s,O ie 1s,O j2 1s,O k0 1s,O kk 1s,O l8 1s,O m6 1s,O n4 1s,O no 1s,O pu 1s,O qs 2g,O rq 2q,O t2 34,O ua 3e

FPA: World 2 FPA: World 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

+ 0.00045

Great game! I finally managed to get the shell in the hole :0 This was a very big improvement from the first one. Love the spiders :D

Chase the orb 2! Chase the orb 2!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

ok, im sure you could make a really great game

but this game was very boring. You chose a cool song so I just left the game open to listen to the song! Oh, the lettering you did, in my opinion, was awesome though. :)

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fateblade responds:

yeah, I'm pretty good at lettering.