Live Streaming Things and "Smart" TV's

2017-03-22 18:53:45 by toxicbomb

If anyone is interested, I started live streaming me working on animation, music and games :)

Maybe you want to learn how to animate or make music?


I have several live streams saved if anyone wants to check them out. It's pretty fun. I plan on doing it a lot :)


Also, if you have a "smart" TV, look at this video(if you don't already know about how they can spy on you, but this is a really good video):


Don't forget to put tape over yoour cameras and mic(s)!


Ever seen "A Scanner Darkly"?


If anyone is even MORE interested in this type of stuff, here's another good video (It's lengthy but it's worth it):



Hows it...

2017-01-15 22:41:25 by toxicbomb


New site

2016-06-08 01:32:06 by toxicbomb

Hey all, 

     I just started a website for free sounds. There isn't much yet, but it will be full of free sounds for anyone to use for anything I have a ways to go, but give it time :)

And I still work on animation sometimes ;)

Getting to work

2016-02-29 20:40:18 by toxicbomb

Hello, just checking in..


I just wanted to let you know I'm still interested in animation and plan on getting to work this year.

So far, I don't have anything to show but I am excited about some ideas I have.

At the moment, my main goal is another Grimace cartoon.. yeah, another one :)

I'll try to post screen shots or something when I get further along.



New site and more Grimace

2014-05-30 00:58:30 by toxicbomb

Hey, I started a new blog: if you're interested. Thats where I plan on archiving all of my stuff. :)


Ive been working on and off on a new movie called "Hangin' With Grimace". Its about how grimace lost his job at Mc Donalds and why he's a heavy drinker now :P If you want to see what I have so far just go to my blog. Thanks!


Here's an image from the movie:


Animations and stuff!

2013-12-15 21:27:27 by toxicbomb

Heyyyy, whats going on? Me? Oh, not much... I started flashing again and stuff! Im trying to be more productive...


I started working on this but eh:


Also, here's some more stuff ive been fiddling with:


I'm also working on another animation called "The Evil Gnome". I don't know when it'll be done though!